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Protect your plants from damaging possums
Easy to install
Safe, low harm
polycarbonate barrier

UV-stabilized for long-life
About Us
Possums are cute creatures but they certainly can destroy and wreak havoc in our gardens - snapping branches, half eating fruit and generally being a nuisance.

Their favourites seem to be roses, maples and magnolia tips.

Possums like to walk along the top of fences and chew any foliage they can reach, they really love to eat the tops of lilly pilly hedges.

For this reason Thorny Devil Products have developed special Possum Spikes to protect your garden and backyard from possum intrusion.

The design of these possum spikes makes it impossible for possums to pass along or pass over the fence line effectively securing your fence perimeter from possums.

There are 2 types of possums in the suburbs, the Brushtail and the Ringtail possum.

The Brushtail Possum has large, pointed ears.
It has a bushy tail (hence its name) that is adapted to grasping branches.
Its forefeet have sharp claws and the first toe of each hind foot is clawless but has a strong grasp.

The Ringtail Possum has a small head with a pointed muzzle, short round ears and a tapered tail.
It is grey with white patches behind the eyes and on the belly, and orange-brown tinges on the tail and limbs.
Its long tail has a white tip and it uses it like a fifth limb to climb and jump between connecting branches, fences and power lines.
The structure of its forefeet, with a gap between the second and third fingers, allows the possum to hold onto branches and fences securely.

Despite their excellent climbing ability they are effectively thwarted by the possum spikes.

Possums can climb trees or move along power lines to enter the premises therefore is imperative that all overhanging trees be cut back and possum guards are installed on power lines entering the property when the possum spikes are fitted.

It is important to prune any branches that touch or overhang your fence.